Sunday, April 13, 2014

24th April, 2014...Vote in Mumbai...10 days before

10 days from now, we, Mumbai north western and other parts of Maharashtra will cast their vote... Up till now, voting virus has spread with it's good and it's bad on it's citizen of India...the media, the marketing and the Pr have done a wondrous job in inculcating the exercise of voting...Suddenly, we all want to know the incline and decline of our political system...we all want to study, analyze and understand what will do best and the worst for our Government..our country...we all want to contribute and participate in the making of it and i am glad we all are taking steps and measure in doing so and it can only spark with the first step - Voting for it. For most of the people, they are already pro in understanding politics and they know the system and the names of various at this "political" system at the back of their hand...while for the rest of us, including me, it's for the first time that i have taken a keen interest and i wouldn't mind terming it as "School politics"... i am going to vote...a first timer...but it'll be a change..